Long Term Care

Long-Term Care Insurance

I have worked with far too many clients who have asked for my help only after they were faced with the prospect of needing extended care. Although each person's situation is unique, they all share one thing in common: everyone who developed dementia or a chronic illness was absolutely convinced - beyond any doubt - that it would never happen to him or her. 

Unfortunately, these clients never foresaw how ill they or their loved ones would become and due to the overwhelming demands of providing care has its own consequences. 

 "Anger at my brother and sister for not helping more with our dad...stress with my husband over how much of 'our time' this was taking up." 

"It has changed my life and all routine in my life entirely. It's difficult to attend normal social and professional meetings, and I am now limited to how many I can participate in." 

"In theory, I believed I could take care of my Mom, keep up with her home, and take care of my family, my kids and myself. In reality, I am constantly torn, feeling guilty that I'm not doing enough for anyone, including taking care of myself." 

The only way to prevent this from happening to your family is to create a plan, the goal of which is to keep you safe at home, while preserving the emotional, physical and financial well-being of those you love. 

I want to extend an offer to meet with you to discuss, not the risk of needing care, but rather the consequences for those you love if you ever did. I would also like to share some ideas about creating a plan that mitigates those consequences. Call today to schedule a confidential appointment at 301-728-5505.