With the future of Social Security in question and company pensions quickly becoming a thing of the past, retirement is no longer as certain as it once was. An annuity is a secure investment that can guarantee income for your retirement. Retirement planning can be a bumpy road. Without the right mix of investment vehicles, you may outlive your savings or suffer a lower quality of life to make ends meet. Taxes, Medicare, Estate Planning, and a variety of other factors add to the uncertainty, putting your financial security in question.  

Retirement is your opportunity to live your dreams. Not worrying if your're going to end up burdening your family financially. With an annuity, you can guarantee income for the rest of your life, so you can enjoy your golden years without worrying about your finances.​ 

Retirement planning doesn't have to be a hassle. With a variety of providers and options available, your annuity can be customized to meet your retirement income goals without exceeding your budget.  

The Color of Money refers to the amount of money we earn, save and spend and is driven by our personality and beliefs. 

The investments we choose determines the color of our money. It reflects our overall personality, lifestyle and values, as well as our spending and saving methods. 

Red Money: “Hope So” money. This is money that you HOPE will be there when you need it. It can go up or down and does not have minimum guarantees. 

 Yellow Money: “Managed” money. This money may be invested in at risk assets, but it is professionally managed.

Green Money: “Know So” money. This is money that is conservatively invested so it is more likely to be there when you need it. It won’t produce the potentially higher returns of Red Money, but it won't experience the potentially higher negative returns when the market goes down. 

Striking a healthy balance with the colors of your money is an important step to reach your retirement goals.

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