With the future of Social Security in question and company pensions quickly becoming a thing of the past, retirement income is no longer as certain as it once was. Additionally, taxes, medicare, estate planning and a variety of other factors add to the uncertainty that puts your financial security in question. Without the right mix of investment vehicles, you could easily outlive your savings and suffer a lower quality of life overall. 

Fortunately, secure investments like annuities can guarantee additional retirement income. With a variety of providers and options available, your annuity can be customized to meet your retirement income goals without exceeding your current budget.   

Do You Know the Color of YOUR Money?

The Color of Money Risk Analysis is an educational tool we use at Life Health Home to help our clients understand their comfort level as it relates to investing. When we know the color of our money, we are able to make investing decisions that speak both to our financial and emotional needs. Click here to start your risk analysis now.

Red Money


This is our “Hope So” money. It is what we HOPE will be there when we need it. It does not have minimum guarantees. This is money we invest more aggressively.

Yellow Money


Yellow money is our “Managed” money. It may be invested in at risk assets, but it is professionally managed.

Green Money


This is our "Know So” money. It is conservatively invested.  It won't produce the high returns of Red Money, but it also does not see the higher rate of negative return in a down market.


Are you ready to create a retirement income plan that will have you sitting pretty?

Retirement planning doesn't have to be a stressful process. And at Life Health Home, we do all we can to help ensure preparing for your financial future is filled with excitement and ease. 

Now that you have taken your Color of Money Risk Analysis, click here or give me a call (301.728.5505) to set up a time to talk about how we can help you prepare for the retirement of your dreams.