Long-Term Care Insurance

At Life Heath Home, we have worked with many clients who have sought help only after being faced with the prospect of needing extended care. Although each person's situation is unique, they all share one thing in common: no one believed they would develop a chronic illness that would require long-term care. 

When this happens, not only are families faced with the devastation of a life-changing illness, but with the financial burden associated with long-term medical care needs. This can lead to a myriad of feelings:

  • I'm so angry with my brother and sister for not helping more with our dad. And now my husband is upset because of how much of 'our time' this is taking.

  • This has changed my life and my routines entirely. It was already difficult to attend normal social and professional meetings and I am now more limited to how many I can participate in.

  • In theory, I believed I could take care of my Mom, keep up with  her home and take care of my family, my kids and myself. In reality, I am constantly torn, feeling guilty that I'm not doing enough for anyone...including myself. 

As real as these kinds of thoughts are in the midst of dealing with a loved one's illness, the only way to help ease the stress is to create a plan.


Are you ready to find the long-term care insurance plan that is right for you?

When we create a plan of action, we are not only caring for ourselves, but also for the ones we love. Long-term care insurance is one of many ways to protect our families.

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